Monday, July 13, 2009

I watched Jillian send away the wrong guy on the Bachelorette...

From N.

Jillian, no no no no no no no. No.

Not Reid. I heart Reid. A lot. I didn't used to, but I do now. You picked boring, semi-reliable Kiptyn over risky Reid? Aren't you on this show to take a chance? How can you let us all down like that?

Clearly, I had a favorite. Although I have a history of dubbing the person who just left my favorite. I really mean it this time.

And Reid made her laugh. Sure, the guy is emotionally stunted, but he really tried so hard, and they had real chemistry and a vibe that I don't see with the other two. He blamed himself in the limo for not opening up more, as he should. He should have told her he was willing to take a chance. But I also blame Jillian for playing it safe. She kept Wes for this long but dumps Reid? For shame.

This week's fantasy dates took place in Hawaii, and we started off with Kiptyn. He is just utterly boring to me. They're awkward physically, namely when they kiss. He encouraged her on the ropes course and that reassured her, but I don't feel like he challenges her at all. It's effort for him to keep up with her. Plus his lack of vulnerability is not authentic and not interesting. I think he might be more emotionally behind than Reid and just less honest about it.

The date with Reid was adorable. He was so straight with her. He told her he wasn't good at expressing emotion. "I'm like 4. I like you. I like you this much." It melted my heart. She said he's the guy she relates to the most. They have obvious physical chemistry. He was not convincing when she asked him if he was ready to propose, and he said, "Maaaybe?" I know waiting around could easily be a mistake, but when looking at the options left, it really just seems wrong to me.

As for Ed, I've grown disenchanted. He's trying so hard and I can't figure out why. He "flew" his parents out to Hawaii, which thrilled Jillian. He thinks Jillian will balance out his life, though I personally think that's Ed's own work, not her responsibility. Ed might also have had the most horrifying moment in Bachelorette history when it was clear he had some performance issues and the two didn't have sex in the fantasy suite. "I couldn't really show her I really loved her" is not very discrete code. Jillian was nicer and said that they wanted to fall asleep instead of follow other "instincts." She even took him aside at the rose ceremony to discuss it. Talking about your virility on national television? Most Mortifying Moment Ever in Ed's life to date.

But Reid got the boot. Jillian seemed torn but I really think it was the wrong decision. She'll regret it. He doesn't see her being happy with either of those guys. I agree.

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