Monday, July 13, 2009

I rallied, despite a sudden rainstorm, for a Bastille Day picnic

From K.

Good GOD it's been forever since I've posted. Forgive me. The wedding and honeymoon knocked me off my regular schedule and I'm just coming up for air. More on that later :)

I'm not totally sure why Bastille Day appeals so much to me and my friends. Maybe it's the romance of storming a prison in which our comrades were unjustly interred. More likely, it's our love of French food and all things France. We'd initially planned to don berets, carry around baguettes and storm something, then picnic at Volunteer Park. That plan required adjustment when an actual storm stormed US.

My contribution

We ended up in the living room of my friend R, lunching on baguettes and charcuterie, croissants and other random delights we'd tucked away for the proposed picnic. Nothing too complicated, as we hadn't planned on suddenly having access to a stove. I may head to Cafe Presse or new spot Bastille on Tuesday to live out this fantasy a bit farther.

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