Friday, July 24, 2009

I stuffed myself silly at a West Seattle dinner party

With the cost of good ingredients these days (and this crazy heat wave of late that makes me loathe turning on my stove, except to roast marshmallows over my gas burners, which I'm sure is going to kill me someday) I accept nearly any dinner invitation, especially when I know it's going to be great. J and I knew we were in for a great meal en route to our friends L & B's home earlier this week when we saw the theme: kebabs.

A little background: L & B are one of those couples that holds group dinners on a regular basis, the fun kind with a huge mailing list and an ever-changing combination of personalities. Each meal has a theme or at least, an entree. Guests bring sides, drinks or desserts.

One amazing side: smashed potatoes with kale and sauteed onions. Come se dice "yum?"

An incredible salad with fresh peas, Easter egg radishes and rainbow carrots:

I'm realizing now that I was so busy eating my kebab I completely neglected to photograph it! I suppose sometimes we must simply eat :)

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