Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I watched Reid (and Jillian) on After The Final Rose...

From N.

The whole crew showed up tonight for the Bachelorette's "After the Final Rose" -- Melissa, Kiptyn, REID, Ed and Jillian. It was somewhat uneventful, and mostly, it was about Reid. Good.

Melissa, the bachelorette dumped on national tv by Kirkland Bachelor Jason Mesnick and rebounded with Dancing with the Stars and an engagement, cheerfully informed us that Jason feels like forever ago. I guess five months is a lifetime in reality world. She's still cute, and she looks happy.

Kiptyn showed, but since he didn't show his abs, I have nothing more to say.

Why is heartbreak so riveting? Reid is still deep in it, and even Jillian looked shaken seeing him. Jillian revealed she was so in love with Ed she could never have let him go, and there was nothing Reid could have done differently. And Reid was his funny, thoughtful self about it all. On going back to Hawaii for Jillian: "I thought slam dunk. ... I thought, 'I got this.'" On the process: "You made your decision. That's how it works. I have to accept that there's no question I can ask that will change your decision or how I will feel." On Ed: "You seem happy. No need to poke and prod to see what happens."

Host Chris Harrison also went for the jugular, asking Reid if a piece of him was still missing. I wanted to know, but Chris, seriously, MEAN. (Reid said yes.)

Then the happy couple emerged. Somehow they've only spent five days apart since the end. Is that even possible? I feel like the show changes the rules all the time on who sees who when, and it's annoying. My new thought on Ed is that he's just sort of stiff on camera. He and Jillian were kissy and cuddly, and do seem quite happy. But Ed didn't win me over until the outakes at the end when he told the story about one game they came up with to entertain themselves. They were bored, so he started prying rocks from landscaping and threw them into the pool, then told Jillian he'd pay her $50 per rock to bring them up. He said she was just like a little dolphin, diving to the bottom and dragging these huge rocks back up that weighed as much as her. It was kind of adorable.

They say they're going to get married in a year. I sort of believe them. Then again, I also believed DeAnna and Jesse were going to get married too. ABC, you did it again. Dammit.

Too cute side note: The audience member who looked about 15 and couldn't stop giggling when she got up to ask Reid a question. She asked him out. We all wanted to ask him out. Reid wisely deflected, asking, "How old are you?"

Read a Q & A with Reid and with Kiptyn. Which one will be the next Bachelor? Reid gets my vote.

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