Saturday, July 11, 2009

I watched Jillian the Bachelorette get rid of...

From N.


Ahem. So I'm not at my most articulate. But is there any other way to express the relief that Wes is gone? Jillian proved what every girl knows about giving advice: you can talk until you're blue in the face, but until she decides on her own that the guy is a combination ass/slimeball/worstpersononearth, you can't do anything to change her mind. Jillian had to experience cold, sleazy, inept Wes fumbling with his lies before she finally came around.

This all had to happen in romantic Spain. I was deeply envious. Jillian flitted around first with Reid, who is warming up his dear, neurotic little heart. Jillian is pretty good at pumping the guys for information, and though Reid bumbled a bit expressing himself, it's obvious he really likes her. Whether that translates into her rather ridiculous expectation to get engaged at the end (has she paid attention to the show's track record?), it's unclear, but Reid was sweet and opened up. They're both bubbly people, and their food shopping expedition was ridiculous. He makes her laugh. Points to Reid.

Kiptyn I find slightly dry. Although Jillian is head over heels, and also, again, talked about how he's too good for her, I don't feel the same way. He's not quite as fun-loving as he ought to be, although the escargot moment was adorable.

Ed is back, and trying to gain back ground through kissing. Although Jillian seemed very happy on that count. They kissed a lot and for a moment in a public fountain, I thought we were going to get an unplanned wet T-shirt contest. Ed said he wanted kids soon. Dust off your hands and call it done.

And then there was Wes. I think he's officially the most disingenuous person to ever be on the Bachelorette and that's saying something. He was distant from her, and they were awkward during the date. Under questioning, she figured out he really did come on for his music. Then he had the cojones to say they should do the overnight fantasy suite. Whatevs Wes.

I already thought he was out of control at the rose ceremony, where he joked to the guys he'd be home having lots of sex. I'm sure the other three wanted to smack him. But the rejected limo ride was unbelievable. Crowing about being the only guy to ever make it to the Top 4 with a girlfriend? Talking about how he got what he needed? Snipping off the chains to party in Spain one more night? There's always a villain but he wins the prize.

Also, is Jillian the first Bachelorette to ever refuse that many guys for the fantasy suite? Perhaps she did learn her lesson. I was surprised when she turned down Kiptyn, then she followed up by turning them all down, except for the clothes-on overnight with Ed. Probably smart, but still weird.

I hope it doesn't get boring now that Wes is gone. Ed's still my fave, but Reid's gaining.

And fashion note: I loved her yellow shoes and splashes of color in general in her outfits, but she overdid the structured blouses. One was enough.

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