Monday, July 27, 2009

I watched Jillian on the Bachelorette choose...

From N.

Jillian chooses: Ed and his green shorts.

Tonight's Bachelorette finale was more suspenseful than I expected. Maybe it's because I didn't believe all the reports that Ed was the final choice. More likely it was because I hoped she picked Reid. I heart Reid in a big way.

But she clearly did not pick him. So let's start from the beginning. The first hour was rather staid and boring. Her family liked both guys. Her cousin Tori was clearly rooting for Kiptyn and once she described Jillian and Kiptyn as yin and yang, I was finally in Kip's corner. But her dad preferred Ed's open declarations of love although he said he was more controlled than Kiptyn and shows less feeling. I didn't quite understand that comment, since I don't get an outpouring of emotions from Kiptyn, but I also have had a tough time getting a real grasp of Ed. Maybe that's why.

The individual dates didn't reveal much except when Kiptyn showed his six pack again. Wait, I mean he finally declared he loved her. Pat on the back, Kip, glad you came through.

But he was just destined to have his heart broken by the girl in the not-quite-wedding-gown-but-it-was-a-little-too-close-for-comfort pinkish dress. I was surprised to see Kiptyn's (unattractive) shoes come out of that limo. He just seems a better fit for her. But Jill said she was in love with someone else and pretty much that was it. Poor Kip.

Then, what I was waiting for. A minivan revealed Reid! His open declaration of love was so heartwarming, his declaration so sweet only a cruel, heartless woman could say no. "I sabotaged myself," "Every second was painful," "I let my fears get in the way," "I love you and hope you feel the same way." Knowing the right thing took sometime for him, he said. Reid also wisely pointed out that some people are better at "this world" (translation: ABC's made-up world). It was too late. Jillian tortured herself a bit, but with Chris Harrison's assurance that she knew what she wanted, she said she was in love with Ed.

ABC, you might think about making Reid the Bachelor because I know quite a few women who would take him in a heartbeat.

Despite proposing with a large ring that sort of resembled a Superman insignia (UPDATE from People on the ring. It's pear-shaped and I find it all wrong) Jillian chose Ed and said yes to his proposal. She said their relationship is complete, she's madly in love, and she can see him in her life 50 years from now. I have to admit, Ed's proposal was cute: "I want you to give me a hard time when we're 80 years old."

Ed seems like he's mostly in love with her. My astute friend M adds: "Ed just said what he thought he should say. He just wanted so bad to believe that he convinced himself and apparently her." I don't think he's as "fun" as she keeps saying. So I'm not fully convinced they'll make it down the aisle. Perhaps "After the Final Rose" will clear that up, but I doubt it.

Still, I like Jillian enough that I hope it works out for them. And that stupid, boundless optimism is what keeps this show alive! Shame on me! Until "After the Final Rose!"

UPDATE: I'm watching our dearest, most hated Bachelor bud Jason Mesnick on KOMO 11 o'clock news. Jillian texted him and said she's really happy. Um, THAT'S what I stayed up for? Thanks a lot KOMO.

Oh, and Lauren is right about the minivan drop off for Reid. I forgot. Actually, I don't think I saw it. I fixed it. I also neglected to mention Reid's white shoes. Something a little more formal for a proposal please?


  1. You missed that Reid got himself there in a mini van. Kind of like dropping Robby right of the train. A little too poignant ABC, that one drives a stake through it.

    Its too bad though... Kiptyn (and his 6 pack) really won me over this week... Until tomorrow :-)

  2. I agree that we all like Jillian enough to trust her. Or at least want to trust her on this one... But I am still not convinced! I am hoping tomorrow does the job and makes us all crazy for Ed. We all want to be convinced. That's kind of a sucky thing to say about love - that we need convincing. Agree to N with the comment that the first hour just proved Kip had a six pack.

  3. Mark me down as one of the "quite a few women"...

  4. I really don't stalk Jason, but he puts stuff on Twitter for the world to read:
    "I hope everyone can be happy for Jillian as its not who you want for her, its who she loves."

    Um, thanks? I think?