Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I watched the Men Tell All on the Bachelorette...

From N.

I can't believe I ever liked Jake. I will boycott the show if Mr. Perfect is chosen as the next Bachelor. Fingers crossed.

The guys on this season of The Bachelorette are as emotional and catty as the girls are on the Bachelor. While it's surprising and a total turn-off to see them fight amongst themselves, it's also High Entertainment Value and that is why the Bachelor(ette) is part of my life.

So some of the guys came back, but two of the most interesting -- Wes and Reid -- were not there. Reid had a "prior conflict" and Wes because "we know why." Do we, Chris? Then again, the reunion episode didn't lack for entertainment. I dislike meathead, fratty guys and particularly hate the fratboy mind-set, but have to agree that "Mr. Perfect" was just way too much. If I could beat anybody up, it would not be Juan, it would be Jake. He was so self-righteous and that Joker smile. I wish I had bigger guns. I don't understand why girls like him. He's so ... empty.

Thanks to my insider Reality Steve (whom I'll call RS, and also add that I have no respect for the conspiracy theories, but the guy has good info), I knew that Wes wasn't going to show up. RS did a long interview with Wes posted on My friend P listened to the 85-minute interview and summed it up for me (she's a professional television watcher, it's her JOB).

Wes blamed everything on manipulative editing and producers who egged him on. I felt like Wes got the short end of the stick sometimes after hearing about how clever editing made him sound really awful, but while watching the recaps, I decided he still said those things, and he still deserves some hate. I also wish he was on Men Tell All to really see what Chris Harrison would do when Wes talked about bad editing. Chris loooooves to defend how "truthful" the show is on his blog on Honesty is the first adjective that comes to mind when I think of Chris Harrison.

Macho David apologized for semi-groping Jillian and talking about her ass, but I don't think he really gets it, and I don't really care. He's not interesting to me. The person I wanted to hear from hardly spoke. Michael needed more air-time. He's my fave, and he gave such an earnest little speech about how much he learned from Jillian about what he wants. He was his usual adorable self. Come on ABC, give us twin Bachelors!!!

The most interesting part of the whole night was the preview for NEXT week. It looks like Reid comes back to beg for a second chance. They showed him holding what looked like a wedding band, but I think it's a promise ring. And I think she'll pick him. There have been no reports she's engaged, and Ed and Kiptyn very clearly were holding big, fat engagement rings in their paws in the preview. It might be wishful thinking, but whatever, expending my brain cells on Bachelorette speculation is one of my favorite leisurely pursuits.

Oh yeah, and Molly and Jason came back. It was mostly anticlimactic, though it was interesting to hear their relationship almost broke right after the suuuuper scandalous end of the last Bachelor when Jason ditched Melissa for Molly on national TV. But he's still with Molly, and since I'm probably the biggest sucker there ever was, apparently, I really believe they might get married. Seriously.

Onward to the finale!!!

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