Friday, July 24, 2009

I checked out 9 Milli in Fremont

... that's 9 Million In Unmarked Bills, a four-weeks-old bar in Fremont. Wandered into here quite by accident with R. We spied it from across the street in the Lenin plaza, eating post-dinner gelato from Royal Grinders. "Wasn't that the Triangle?" we wondered aloud, sitting in the dimming summer sunshine. No more. It's been bought by a bartender and turned into a Belltown-meets-Fremont lounge, we discovered. More reading here.

We'd already cruised Norm's, George and Dragon, Ballroom and several other spots that were either too full or too full of themselves for a Thursday evening, so in 9 Milli we went. It's very gray, in a stylish, 2009 way. Gray suedish cushy booths. Shiny gray upholstered walls. Stiff drinks with names gangster names. It all made me wonder whether they were going for this trend recently reported in the NYT? If so, it doesn't really work when the bar is a peninsula of windows on a busy corner (there's a reason it was named Triangle).

All this said, we liked it. The average age felt closer to young 30s rather than mid 20s. Fewer frat dudes, more young professionals and random eclectic folk. I would get dressed up to go here and not feel like I was trying too hard, unlike many other spots in Fremont. Need to try it on a weekend to know for sure. Anybody else been?

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