Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I have a teenage vampire-related confession...

From N.

I'm entranced with teenage drama. I have this terrible addiction to teen tv shows, good (Friday Night Lights, Veronica Mars, Gossip Girl and don't you dare argue otherwise) and bad (Laguna Beach, NYC Prep). I can't wait to see the new Harry Potter movie and am contemplating re-reading the "Half-Blood Prince."

So, yeah, I've been reading the "Twilight" series too. I'm finally on the fourth book "Breaking Dawn." Stephenie Meyer's writing style tormented me just enough that it has taken awhile, although I admire her gift for narrative.
But the really scary thing about the vampire book is how much the Forks-based series has gotten into my head about that area of Washington state. When I drove through Port Angeles to get to Lake Crescent for a June camping trip, the visions in my head were not the gorgeous scenery or area author Raymond Carter, but rather vampire Edward and teenage Bella. Edward saving Bella from assault in the mean streets of Port Angeles. Edward and Bella eating at a Port Angeles Italian restaurant. Edward speeding Bella back to Forks on Highway 101. Visions of Twilight fanatics invading the quiet town of Forks. Bella and Jacob out at La Push on the beach.

I've gone completely mad.

I'm wrapped up in the final book. The plot is pretty intense and the book is keeping me up late at night. But this is the last we shall speak of this. Until my next trip to the OP.


  1. Argh! It's sad to say that Twilight had consumed me too! I dream of the day when next visiting Seattle to secretly (and I mean secretly!) driving to Forks to look around and see what I missed driving through growing up.

  2. Vicente, you know you'll be wondering if there are vampires hunting elk in the woods as you drive past!