Monday, June 15, 2009

I went camping at Lake Crescent....

From N.

I always worry about campsites whenever I go car camping. I've spent many a holiday weekend driving in slow circles around a campground, fingers crossed that I'll find a site. I almost always do, but every time I tell myself to reserve a site before I head out. After I discovered the state park online reserving system, I started obsessing about staying at a state park and contemplating staying at Battleground Lake, even though I had no idea where it was. A. told me to stop being obsessing and being Patty Planner. It was going to be fine.

He was right. A chance of thunderstorms east of the Cascades drove us west. We headed out to the OP (the Olympic Peninsula), aiming for Fairholm campground on the far west end of Lake Crescent. (The lake is west of Port Angeles about three hours via Bainbridge Ferry.) We discovered a tent-only area on the shore, and staked the tent with this view.

I have to admit I sort of dragged A out to the woods. He calls camping sleeping in rocks and dirt and hiking ridiculous. He also needs some critical gear, like an air mattress so you aren't actually sleeping among the rocks. But he humored me for this trip because I love both and wanted him to do it with me. And once we got to Lake Crescent, which is stunningly beautiful, we had shared ADD: we wanted to rent a rowboat, we wanted to go on a walk, we wanted to go to Sol Duc hot springs.

We found out rowboating was 7 miles away at Lake Crescent Lodge, and the hot springs cost more than we wanted to spend. So we went on a leisurely walk and admired the turquoise waters before settling in with burgers and Caesar salad from a bag and a campfire.

It wasn't the most comfortable night on hard ground, but on Sunday, A. still insisted he wanted to go on a strenuous hike with me. I gave him one: Pyramid Peak was 2,500 feet elevation and 7 miles round trip. But the views at the top were worth the sweat and blisters, even if A. also came out with a scraped-up knee.

But he says he'll do it again. I win.

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