Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I watched Wes stay on the Bachelorette...

From N.

Forgive me for the tardy post.

I can't believe Robby got kicked off the train. It's one thing to get booted by the Bachelorette. It's another to have an entire train stop so it can unload you like that day's trash. I never dug Robby, but he deserved better.

Moving on. So on this episode, Jillian takes the guys on a private train ride (yeah, I know I'm falling for ABC phrasing everything as if Jillian actually planned it) from Vancouver to Banff. She ditches Robby early and then parcels out a snowshoe date with the rest of the guys and has a solo date with Reid, who is beyond neurotic about raw meat and fondue. Get over it. Oh, and Tanner drops his pants. ABC fuzzed out most of it, but apparently he is blessed. But he loves feet, so really, I don't care. Tanner has outlived his usefulness.

This episode was strangely boring except for Wes. And the Wes scandal is getting old. Yes, he's on the show to sell records. Yes, Jillian is blind and doesn't see Wes is a liar. Yes, Wes is soooo obvious. But I can't believe she kept Michael over Jake for the hometown dates. Break dancing Michael is sweet, endearing and beyond puppy-ish in his adoration for Jillian. Why not give handsome, "perfect" Jake a chance to prove he can open up a bit and be more normal than his perfect self? I know it's getting a little cloying, but come on Jillian, you like Michael better?

Isn't it usually just four people get hometown dates? How did it grow to five? Have I forgotten the ways of the Bachelor(ette)?

Also if you like to get your reality theory on, check out He has a scandalous theory (stop reading now if you hate spoilers!) that producers set it up for Ed to leave and then come back because Jillian liked him the most. I'm not much of a conspiracy theorist, but I would LOVE it if Ed returned. I just don't like the rest of the guys as much. And for more insight - and occasional posturing - read Chris Harrison's EW blog here.

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