Monday, June 1, 2009

I watched the Bachelorette...

From N.

I'm finally caught up on the Bachelorette, thanks to some extreme peer pressure. I may even be back every week. (Even though Jillian isn't from here, I'm milking that Kirkland connection.) Here's a recap of what we've got so far on Jillian and her men.

The Bachelorette is turning into The Amazing Race. Last week, the guys had to scramble to find Jillian using clues, and the scene even included the obligatory driving-madly-around-a-city shots. I almost expected to see Phil Keoghan at the end.

Then this week, Ed and Jillian landed in a helicopter on the top of a very tall building with ropes stretching from the roof to the ground and I forgot which channel I was on. I always fall for the guys on the solo dates. Ed was adorable. And I understand his fear of heights, although I still don't understand the "activity" involved in being lowered from the top of a building to the ground on a rope. It didn't seem to involve any effort on Ed or Jillian's part, but I kind of like the synergy. Oh, right, The Amazing Race is on CBS.

Jillian's dates this week also included a photo shoot at a car museum with Sasha and "acting" on a cowboy set. I am over "acting" out a television show or movie on group dates, but Jillian has had some fun dates so far, including a honky tonk one with Jake, that are better than past Bachelors or Bachelorettes. I attribute it to her spunky personality. Her kissing spree has been surprising, but I'm surprisingly OK with it. High five Jillian!

And then there's David. And Juan. And Tanner and his foot fetish. Shudder. I suppose boring must go first. Goodbye Brad. David's testosterone is out of control. He wants too much to beat up Juan. Though I sort of want to beat up Juan. I can't decide if they should fight. OK, yes, they should.

I'm rooting for Ed and hot pilot Jake and can't remember anybody else's name. What say you?

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