Friday, May 29, 2009

I got a pedicure at Julep

From K.

My toes are twinkly once again after a visit to Juelp. I was supposed to be at bridal bootcamp at the Olympic Sculpture Park (more on that later). Instead I cried "uncle" on my pre-wedding/new job stress and made my way downtown to the perky little salon run tucked between the Red Lion and Betsey Johnson.

Let's get some things out of the way. Yes, Julep's expensive ($48 for a basic pedicure that comprised a brief soak, foot-and-calf massage, cuticle work, shaping and polish. A much fancier one, replete with scrubs and essential oils, is $74). You could get a spa mani/pedi at many joints around town for the same price (Diamond Nails in lower Queen Anne comes to mind). What comes with the higher price at Julep, though, is peace of mind. All those tools are sterilized. All the seats are clean. All the bowls are washed. No nicks, cuts, scratches or other reasons for squeamishness. And, they have movies on a flat screen, plus Fran's chocolate. And with a state banquet permit from your local liquor store, you and your ladies can nurse the beverage of your choice while they go to town on your tootsies.

They also have this new deal which seems good if you are a monthly service type of gal.

Can't wait to show off my new pedi at my bachelorette tomorrow night! ;)

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  1. So pretty! I'm happy you gave yourself a break from wedding/work madness.