Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I made roast chicken pasta...

From N.

I'm compulsive about roast chicken. It's partly because I love the crisp skin and succulent meat, but also because I secretly hoard stock. I know stock is like 10 steps beyond normal for most people, but once I started making and freezing my own, I turned into the Crazy Chicken Stock Lady. If I start to run out, I panic. (OK, it's low-level, but there's still a minor freak-out.)

Since A. and I can easily gobble up a chicken in one sitting (unless someone stops us, and sadly, nobody ever does), I was excited when I discovered a recipe that makes the chicken last longer. It was part of a New York Times series following a home cook-off between New York Times writers Kim Severson and Julia Moskin showing how to cook a meal for under $50 for six people.

A lot of what they did was way too much effort -- fresh tortillas? Hell no -- but the pasta makes enough for four or more. The recipe is great for a Sunday night, when you have time to roast (don't forget the stock, it will change your life.) The pasta soaks up all those delicious, gooey drippings, and currants and pine nuts add sweetness and crunch. Serve with a spicy arugula salad.

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