Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I survived Day One of the Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale

From K.

You wouldn't believe how much loot I got. Five pairs of earrings (three of which I'll likely return -- this IS Nordstrom, after all!), a gorgeous pave bangle, a flowery rhinestone bracelet. Man is the shopping section of my brain TIRED...

My main goal was to score a bunch of good jewelry options for my wedding (31 days to go!) but being me, I ended up finding a lot of fun casual pieces as well. And a Chanel lipstick. And adorable "something blue" panties from the lingerie department. And garters. I almost even walked out with bottles of Chloe and Bulgari fragrance, though I opted to wait since I sniffed each so many times I grew confused which essence was rose petals and which was peonies.

Ladies at the counters looked bleary-eyed by 7 p.m. Many had been on their feet since 10 a.m. and said it was the busiest the downtown store had been in some time (you could tell from the dwindling supply of costume jewelry, handbags and shoes in popular sizes). Perhaps a sale makes everyone feel less guilty about the economy? Who knows. I'm just happy to have some new (affordable) fun for my jewelry box :)

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