Thursday, May 21, 2009

I got a new dress (and more)...

From N.

I will never not shop, but I have had incredible restraint lately. Until Saturday, I hadn't bought anything related to my wardrobe since April 5 (except for the unfortunate eluxury incident when I ordered a $113 Loeffler Randall dress and the company called to say it made a mistake and it wasn't in stock. I shook my fist at them, but my checking account thanked me). I can't remember the last time I lasted so long.

Then there was this weekend. My parents were in town visiting, so I dragged my mom off to Nordstrom Rack. I have three weddings this year, am in two of them (one as maid of honor, one as a reader), plus have two rehearsal dinners and two bachelorette parties. It's a lot of dressing up, and Facebook makes me look like I only own two nice dresses. Yeah, the whole world doesn't need to know.

We combed through the designer racks - plenty of stuff marked an additional 50 percent off - but those designer sizes ain't always flattering. Instead, I found a shimmery bronze, loosely flattering Theory dress for $120, Earnest Sewn straight leg jeans for $49, and a purple James Perse button-down for $40. (Full disclosure: my mom bought my clothes. Moms are the best.)

But when I got home, I realized the dress looked very similar to a gold one I already own. Then shopping guru lookrichbitch told me about a Diane Von Furstenberg dress she tried on at the Bellevue Rack. I made a beeline out there. I didn't find the DVF, but instead picked up another Theory dress called Pixel Flower. It's silk, fits great and I love it. Perfect! (I won't reveal it since it'll be on FB soon enough, but the pattern is at left).

I'm still going to run it past My Fashion Barometer, i.e. my fashionista sister this weekend when we meet in L.A. She's also bringing me a couple of designer dresses from her extensive closet for back up. Flirty and Fabulous, here I come.

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