Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I ate crawfish...

From N.

Damn you Alton Brown.

I struggled the first time I made a pit stop at Crawfish King in the International District. It's hard to get the tail meat out of those spicy little buggers. But then Alton featured crawfish on an episode of "Good Eats" on the Food Network, and he made the crawfish (sustainable seafood!) look so good and so easy. I was ready for another round. Crawfish, you are mine.

But it was not so easy. It was so hard. Alton showed this simple twist, open and squeeze, and the tail meat looked like it popped right out. Instead I had to peel the tails, which was slow. I also tried to squeeze the deliciousness out of the thorax, but the spiciness made me flinch and I couldn't get anything out. I resorted to digging stuff out with my fingers. It wasn't pretty.

The server also claimed people eat two to four pounds each. At $8.99 a pound, that ain't cheap. We ordered 6 pounds for four people and by the end of my 1 1/2 pounds, I was exhausted. And not quite full.

So we went to that savior of all frustrating meals: Molly Moon. Ginger ice cream and fresh waffle cones fixes everything.

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