Thursday, May 28, 2009

I have bike guilt...

From N.

I have a bike. I have ridden it less than 10 times since I bought it two summers ago. I know I should "bike to save the world," especially to work, but I am vain. I like dresses. I don't like being wind-blown and sweaty when I arrive. It's a nuisance.

But in L.A., biking can be a lot more casual. Over Memorial Day weekend, I biked from this fleet on this beach. It was easy to bike to yoga and to the farmers market, and I thought, "N, what is your problem? Others do it all the time."

I don't have a lock, which my main lame excuse for not biking outside of occasional weekend rides. I'd like to change my gas guzzling, kill-the-world ways, but am baffled by conundrums like how to bike with my yoga mat, still wearing dresses to work, and how to deal with getting from work to yoga quickly. Is it time to get a step-through so I can bike in a skirt like the Dutch? I have some thinking to do. All suggestions appreciated.

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  1. i know nothing about biking.. only that it's so cute and i want to do it too! but i'm scared of being on the street. and a little self conscious of my wobbles (on my waist and on the bike!)