Monday, May 25, 2009

I finally visited Luly Yang

From K.

I've passed its dainty windows many a time, gazing in at the lofty creations. On Saturday, I finally stepped inside.

Luly Yang reminds me a bit of Tiffany but mostly bridal. Glass cases scattered hither and thither hold such delicate treasures, like shoulder duster earrings of the very best crystal, whimsical seed pearl creations that seem to belong in an art gallery and bags so precious I'd be nervous to carry them lest they drop into a Seattle puddle. It also resembles Tiffany in that it's difficult to browse without a handler of some sort. A willowy, stylish, Vera Wang look-alike in a pale tan trench dress and lofty heels guided me through the boutique on my quest for perfect earrings. Upon finding them, I realized perfection has a price, and sadly, not one I can afford just this moment.

Here's one of the fantastical gowns at the shop (they are redoing the costumes for Teatro Zinzanni)

Someday, if my fiance or I have reason to attend a fancy gala in a major East Coast city I may spring for a custom gown and shoes. How delicious. Here in Seattle, my BCBG frocks serve me just fine :)

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