Friday, May 15, 2009

I picked out a wedding band (finally) ...

From K.

That was me standing in a certain engagement ring store in Belltown on Sunday, frozen in place, flanked by Mom and J, my husband-to-be, staring first at one ring, then another. And as I visualize my (ideal, I think) wedding band for the umpteenth time, I realize the source of my confusion: Too many options.

Too many options makes me fret how the design of one ring could possibly suffice throughout a lifetime of metamorphosis. Yet, it worked just fine for many of our parents and grandparents. They took what was available and made the best of it, whether jewelry, shoes, bags, cars, homes or even spouses. They probably would thrill at the options now available. But not having to endlessly comparison shop and then second-guess freed them up to spend more time doing than thinking. It calls to mind a recent read, "The Paradox of Choice," which suggests the wealth of options we enjoy actually leaves us poor -- in finances as well as spirit. I know I feel poor after a week of double-checking online to be sure I found the cutest softshell available, even though I already loved the one I bought at the REI anniversary sale!

This summer, I'm going to make the shift from maximizer to satisficer. I'm going to embrace my first choice and stop checking so many times to make sure I'm not missing out on something better. And I'm going to use all that time I save to spend more QT away from Shop It To Me with my greatest investment: My beloved J.

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