Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I ate churrascuria...

From K.

The smoky scent of roasted meats still clings to my clothes hours after we gathered beneath a straw umbrella at Ipanema Brazilian Grill for Mother's Day. My mom, god love her, after years of being anti-beach and anti-tropical vacation, suddenly wants more than anything to travel to the sultry beaches of Brazil (?!). My ideal Brazilian vacation: Dancing the Samba in a barely there sparkly costume and feather headdress at the Sambradrome during Carnaval. Mom's ideal Brazilian vacation: Sipping Capirhnias on Ipanema Beach over sushi, chit-chatting with the globe's largest Japanese expatriate community. I sense some compromise in the works.

But I digress. This restaurant made us even more excited for the eventual trip. Waiters prowled the well-windowed room with silver rods bearing roasted meats that they carved at each table. We plucked thick slices of juicy steak and tri-tip from under their knives with tongs and nibbled roasted sweet peppers, golden beets and pickled mushrooms when we had our fill. Roasted passion-fruit chicken and a truly peppery pepper steak topped our faves. We'll go back, but hopefully after we've tried the real thing.

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