Monday, June 15, 2009

I watched Ed leave the Bachelorette...

From N.

K is in the throes of wedding week, and I have not been picking up the slack. But I promise to post soon about topics other than the Bachelorette.

But for now, the Bachelorette. (I'm addicted, leave me alone.)

Ed, I heart Ed. And I
would have called him an idiot if he hadn't left, though Jillian at least advised him to one day should remember to put love before work.

Then Jillian let herself wallow, wondering what was wrong with her. Snap to it, Jilly. Look at the odds. The guy basically had no choice. Smart Ed. Sad Jilly. And sad N.

Now that he's gone, I feel morose. Jillian had a great date with winemaker Jesse, who is now a frontrunner along with Kiptyn. I can't imagine her picking anyone else beside Kiptyn, but the producers have certainly tricked me before. And I really don't like the rest of the bunch. She clearly regards breakdancing Michael as a little brother with no heat or passion. Reid doesn't do it for me, and perfect Jake looks less and less like a match the longer the show goes. While for her sake, I hope Jake outlasts Tanner and Wes, I can't imagine how boring the show could possibly get if those two leave. All I have to live for is Kiptyn and Jesse? It's gonna be a long finale.

Fashion commentary: I really disliked her green satin dress tonight. I disliked the shiny satinness of it, I disliked the ruched folds and I disliked the mermaid shape. Jillian has been a bit up and down on the fashion. I adored last week's gold mini dress. It was hot and looked great on her. But she also sometimes shows up on outfits that I question. Tonight's was the worst.

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  1. I totally agree with you about the fashion! She really had quite the look on last season's bachelor but has been a little hit and miss thus far this season. I can't really imagine anyone but Jesse and Kiptyn in the final two. But I want to set Michael up with someone! He is adorable :-)

    Basically, I am reiterating what you have already said here. Hmmm... I'll try to add something new and witty next time.