Monday, June 8, 2009

I watched the Bachelorette take Vancouver ....

From N.

Jillian had her hands full tonight. I felt bad for the girl. Until now, she seemed really grounded and perceptive, but I can't blame a girl for being starry eyed about a guy who wrote a song for her. Even if he is smarmy.

This week's cliffhanger was supposed to be a big reveal of the guy(s) with a girlfriend. But when confronted, nobody *cough, Wes* stepped forward at the rose ceremony. Poor Tanner of foot fetish fame got the brunt of it by coming forward and saying someone had a girlfriend. The foot thing really bugged me last week, but I liked his honesty and felt sorry for him as he worried the guys would know he did the ratting.

But there was plenty of other fun as Jillian took the guys to her hometown of Vancouver. She had a lovely kayaking and cooking date with Kipton, who I like more all the time. Jake has been a frontrunner to me, but she had a weird discussion with him about his "too perfect" status. Jake reminds me of heartthrob Bachelor Travis, who remains in a neck-and-neck race with Andrew Firestone as my favorite bachelors. Since when is too perfect bad? But it does put a kink in Jake's early lead.

Much was made in previews of the confrontation about the girlfriend situation, but in the end no one confessed. *Cough, Wes.* At least Jillian was smart to send the contractors home. Goodbye a**hole Dave. His arrogance and aggressiveness did not bode well. Juan, we hardly knew ya but it was already too much.

And Wes remains, so we are still guaranteed some drama. I don't want Jillian's heart totally broken, but the Bachelorette would not be interesting if drama-free. And there's a lot of crying next week, and I really, really, really want to know why.

For now, Ed is my favorite, maybe because he reminds me so much of Denny from "Grey's Anatomy." Jake and Kipton also are my top contenders, though Jesse is coming on strong. Am I forgetting someone? Who do you like?

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