Sunday, July 5, 2009

I watched Ed come back to the Bachelorette...

From N.

I'm exceptionally behind on last week's Bachelorette, which was definitely the most dramatic and revealing one so far. Ed is back! Michael is adorable! Wes is a slimeball! Jake has lost it! (Dude is wound tighter than my sparking Nunzilla wind-up doll.)

Let's start at the beginning. So this was the hometown trips. I'm not sure how Jillian finagled five, but it was more entertaining for us. Jillian, I hate to break it to you, but Reid is just not that into you. He didn't seem excited at all when she showed up for the date, kissing her reluctantly. His family seemed thrilled Reid liked somebody and was publicly affectionate, but that seemed all Jillian to me. Either Reid or Wes will get the boot on the next episode, and if I'm wrong, all faith in Jillian is gone. But more on that later.

This episode was the first one where I really fell for Michael. It started when he surprised his family and jumped up and down in place, continued when he tried to trick her by switching clothes with his idential twin, and was cemented when he and his family danced with her in the living room. I knew they would never make it and his heartfelt speech when he was sent home broke the hearts of every girl watching. You know you love him.

Jillian is way too intimidated by Kiptyn. I am befuddled by her insecurity around him, although his family has a house that seems straight out of Laguna Beach. Kiptyn seems like a sweet guy and pretty easy to hang out with. His family was pretentious with the lasagna and wine test, but I thought the caution tape around the hot tub was hilarious. His mom's honesty was refreshing, but Jillian is just insecure around him. Still, Kiptyn is a frontrunner.

I almost forgot about Jesse. The trip to the vineyard was not memorable. I only recall his brother, who freaked me out. I was sure he would start hitting on Jillian. Once the brother described Jesse as an emotional ice cube, he was toast.

Then there's Wes. OF COURSE his band played for her. I always forget how much she loves the honky-tonk, so that explains some of the attraction. But honestly, he's a sleaze, a player and more slimy words than I can think of right now. I suppose he's her bad boy. But ugh, couldn't she at least have picked a cute one? And then Jake returned to out Wes and his girlfriend Laurel, which is far too specific not to be true. Jillian ignored her gut instinct on this one for no apparent reason other than attachment to Wes it seems like. His family claimed people try to do this to Wes all the time. Maybe it's because Wes lies his way through life? Then she STILL kept him. It's beyond any reasonable explanation.

As for Ed's return, Reality Steve, how do you always know? Although people who shall not be named already revealed that to me before I watched it, I was still happy to see him. He seemed rather stiff and coached, but he's the cutest and matches Kiptyn in sincerity. She kept him and that's what counts.

But my admiration for Jillian took a real beating. I once viewed her as this really happy, down to earth, secure girl. But she kept asking all the parents if she was the guy's "type" and also asked the guys that question. And like most insecurity, it makes her less attractive. She said she has a history of not being adored, which to me means she hasn't been confident enough to ask for it. It made me less sure of her ability to pick a good person in the end. Oh wait, already accomplished with Wes! Never mind. I am still curious to see what she does in the end and if it will really work. Ed and Kiptyn, I'm still rooting for you two. And still kind of can't wait to see what Wes will do next.

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