Thursday, August 27, 2009

I made the most of a day trip to Portland

From K.

I've been making the three-hour trek to Portland for years. The reasons abound: Prom dress shopping, family functions, Trailblazer games, conventions, great food, rare books at Powell's. This time was family function/fun. Mom and I piled in her Highlander and hit the road.

First stop: Country Cousin.

If you've stopped in Centralia, Wash., before for gas, you know this place. It's the super kitschy, country-themed restaurant by the outlets that resembles a giant farmhouse. Inside is a gingham-checked wonderland of country decor and some very good pot roast and BLTs. They also serve yak meat cooked up a variety of ways. We saved that for next time.

Second stop: Multnomah Falls

I'm not sure how the heck I've been to Portland dozens of times and never managed to visit this gorgeous spot. It's about a 30 minute drive from downtown toward the Columbia River Gorge. You'll notice the rocks start changing into quirky formations. You'll see it get more woodsy. You'll pass other, smaller waterfalls on your way to Multnomah. Then BAM! There it is, within view of the parking lot. We passed three separate weddings getting photographed with the falls as a backdrop that day. Hiking to a little footbridge mid-falls took us only a few minutes.

A refreshing close-up

The view gazing down from the footbridge! Whoa!

So doable, yet still beautiful. Don't miss it (but wait to buy cheaper and just-as-good soft serve at Dairy Queen en route to home I-5, or stop at a Burgerville for a blackberry shake (yum!) OR head to our third stop!

Third stop: Voodoo Doughnuts

Don't you just wanna sink your teeth into it?

I'd heard about this place from a several friends now, where they lay strips of bacon atop their maple bars, craft doughnuts to resemble unmentionables for bacheloette partie and even create voodoo doll-esque doughnuts complete with pretzel sticks for pinning (they're also open 24 hours, which makes for great people watching).

We waited in line with all manner of Portland humanity for about half an hour, then realized we had only $5 cash (beware, they're a cash-only joint). Thankfully, that was enough to get us two creations: The aforesaid maple bar and a chocolate ring (Mom likes to keep things simple). We couldn't even buy milk. But the doughnuts lived up to their promise: Fresh, fragrant, not too sweet, not too simple, good texture in dough and frosting, goooooood flavor. Next time I will bring J. to have a Grape Ape doughnut.

The deets
Country Cousin: 1054 Harrison Ave., Centralia, Wash. (360) 736-2200
Multnomah Falls
Voodoo Doughnut: 22 S.W. Third Ave. in Portland. 503-241-4704

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