Thursday, August 6, 2009

I hiked Discovery Park

From K.

My husband J is not the biggest hiking fan. Which is why I neglected to tell him our evening, sunset "jaunt" through Discovery Park would really be more akin to a two-hour adventure. I gambled that when he saw the view of the placid Sound, Golden Gardens to the north, downtown to the south, pleasure boats lolling by, he wouldn't be too annoyed. Thankfully, I was right :)

Discovery Park's vastness appeals to me. It's tricky to be completely alone in Seattle, but here in the "wilds" of Magnolia you can walk for long moments of solitude. The Loop Trail takes you through leafy and needly woods, past a pretty lighthouse, up and down some big hills and past plenty of nice Sound views. It's a great spot for trail running, though I like West Seattle's Lincoln Park even better for that if I'm alone (better chance of running into fellow humans when I need them :)

But back to Discovery. J and I left feeling refreshed and reconnected after feasting our weary, Smartphone-tired eyes on glimmering water and lush greenery. Can't wait to return.

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