Sunday, November 22, 2009

I sipped at the 20something wine party

From K.

It was a dark and stormy night. Puddles soaked our cute boots and peep toes. Our cheeks were pink from cold.

What better time to cozy up to one bar, then another, then another, for sips of luscious Washington wine?

My friend KT invited me to 20something, a wine event for the younger set at Fremont Studios. They transformed the space into a sleek party-ready spot, complete with a decent DJ, flattering lighting, tasty bites and plenty of great-looking boys and girls. Single ladies, be sure to get tickets for next year's event. There's plenty of shopping to do ;)

But as happily partnered women, we focused on the wine. Favorites included the syrah from Gilbert Cellars and the riesling from Cave B. Beyond that, my memory is a bit ... compromised ;)

The people watching also was great. Saw tons of fun headbands and fascinators (aka, those feather-heavy concoctions that perch atop one side of your head). Fashion sense skewed toward dressy/sexy, with only a few folks in jeans. You could get away with a cute cocktail dress here or even classy hootchie-wear, though more ladies opted for a few steps down in formality/over-the-top sexiness. Guys were in button-downs and dressy sweaters. Only remember one guy in flannel.

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